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The Original Turn-Key iPhone Application Maker
  AppWizard gives anyone the ability to design and deploy simple iPhone Applications. Hiring a private development company to create even the most straightforward application means thousands of dollars of expense.   AppWizard automates the complex processes of app creation. You don't even need a Mac.
Easily Design Your Own iPhone Application

The AppWizard Custom iPhone Development Suite gives you the ability to easily turn a simple iPhone application idea into a reality.  Within minutes of utilizing AppWizard you will be able to  start building and customizing your app. First AppWizard asks you a series of questions and then automatically generates the corresponding "base code."  For more complex applicaitons, AppWizard allows you to visually tweak app layout without using Objective C! Then choose to make your app available for sale in the App Store OR free download.

Customize Your App's Look and Feel

Bringing your company's presence to the mobile device via the Apple App Store is a smart move. However, there is no need to spend $50,000 with a development firm or endure seemingly endless project delays. The majority of iPhone apps do not require a team of programmers trying to reinvent the wheel.  AppWizard is an ideal turn-key solution for turning a new or existing website into an iPhone Application.   Personalize your app with our included default images, and icons, or use your own. Best of all AppWizard allow you to update your app in real-time!

Create a Wide Variety of Applications

One of the best things about AppWizard is that there is no limit to the quantity of iPhone Applications you can make. After making an iPhone application for yourself why not create an app for your company, family, or community organization? 

AppWizard is especially desirable for creating applications from existing websites. Simply choose a name for your app, select from the included graphics, and input the /URL of the site you want to create the app from. Then press the generate button and seconds later your app is ready to submit to Apple!

Start making your app instantly after purchase! Limited introductory price of only $99.95
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Get Started Instantly After Purchase!

AppWizard Features
gtf Reserve Your Application Name
The best application names in the AppStore
are rapidly being registered. Similar to website
domains, Apple works on a first come, first
serve basis.  AppWizard will help ensure that
you are able to secure that invaluable app name.                                      


>>Compatible with Windows & MAC OS
>>Frequent updated functionality

gtf Turn-key App Generation                              
AppWizard is the perfect system
for getting into the AppStore quickly
even if you have no experience. The
foundation included with AppWizard
allows for the auto-generation of simple
website apps. While more complex apps
can be modeled with the included
mockup tool.

>>Self submit your App to Apple or use our submission service
>>Automate the time consuming of parts of App Creation
For questions please contact: support@appwizard.com
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